Alexander Todorov teaches you the following:

  •  Introduction
  • Technical setup & pre-condititons
  • Anatomy of TA frameworks
    • Discovery & runner
    • Test writing framework
    • Assertions library
  • Functional based testing with Pytest
    • learn how to write test functions, execute them, make assertions
    • learn about fixtures (setup/teardown)
  • Class based testing with unittest. TestCase
    • similar exercises as above, focus on setup/teardown and assertions b/c those are different
  • Test interactive Python examples with Doctest
    • this is an extension which allows running Python code snippets found in docs-strings and making sure they still work as expected
  • Flexible & customizable testing with Nose2
    • similar exercises as previously but Nose2 focuses very heavily on extendability and plugins around your test suites which makes it possible to also have different syntax for tests and setup/teardown.

Alexander Todorov, Project Lead at Kiwi TCMS will host the Masterclass “Testing with Python for fun and profit?” on Wednesday June 15. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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