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Chaya Tangelder
Conference Coordinator
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Joyca van Essen
Conference Coordinator

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Gert van de Donk
Conference Developer
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de Doelen ICC Rotterdam
Kruisplein 40
3012 CC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

De Doelen ICC is located in the city centre of Rotterdam, a short walk (400 meters) from Rotterdam Central Station.

There are several parking facilities around de Doelen ICC. Since it is in the centre and we’d like you to keep the environment in mind please consider coming by public transport.

Public Transportation
Will you arrive at Schiphol Airport?
NS (Dutch Railways) makes it possible to order and download an e-ticket from Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam Central Station (return and/or single fare). This will make you avoid the long lines in front of the ticket distribution machines You can order and pay this e-ticket at

De Doelen ICC is situated on just a few minutes walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station.