Generative AI is poised to revolutionize our world, reshaping not only the way we work but also how we approach our daily tasks. Quality management and automated testing are on the cusp of a transformational era, and with GenAI, we have the potential to greatly enhance our productivity. However, it falls upon us to pave the path and determine how to harness this revolution to our advantage. In this session, Ayal Cohen will explore the impact that GenAI is already having and will continue to have on quality and test automation, He will show specific examples of how you can use GenAI to be more productive, get better visibility of your quality status and take the lead and integrate it into your organization.  Ayal will be showcasing:

  • Auto create automated test from manual tests
  • AI prediction for feature completion
  • Build-in AI chat to query anything in your application management data

Ayal Cohen, Director of Product Management – Functional Testing Portfolio, OpenText will host the session “Lead the GenAI Testing Revolution in your Organization” that will take place on Thursday May 30.

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