In this presentation I will be going over the key characteristics of Robot Framework, and how its environment makes it most suitable to engage testers to better understand the test automation paradigm. Developed by Nokia engineers back in 2005, Robot Framework was designed to provide a robust and easy to use framework where test cases were written using keywords, which represent actual test steps which are easy to understand for all who are dealing with automated test case creation.

This will be a 3-part presentation. The goal is to explore how you and your companies, while using minimum time and resources, can move your application development cycle towards current trends in terms of test automation, test management and most importantly, educating testers on how to create automated tests without having previous programming knowledge.

Milan Novovic, QA Engineer at EqualEyes will host the session D1 “Robot Framework – From Zero to Robot Hero” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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