The 13th edition of Test Automation Days will take place on May 29 & 30 at de Doelen ICC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The central theme of this edition is Reframing Test Automation.

Meet the keynote speakers of Test Automation Days 2024! 

Reframing a Career: Tester to CTO
Katrina Clokie, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Fergus Ltd will reflect on her career journey over the past two decades and identify how the skills she learned as a tester are reframed in her role as a C-level executive. You will hear a personal experience of making the leap from testing to senior leadership, with practical advice for aspiring leaders to hone their own skills and advance their careers.

A recipe for successful automation?
We all dream of pipelines that deploy and validate the product through various environments, without the need of manual intervention. But there are many aspects that can impede the success of these endeavours. Is there a secret recipe that can solve these problems and help us be successful with automation? And do we as testers have the super powers that enable us to make automation successful? Yes to both. Corina-Adina Pip, QA Manager, Deloitte Digital Romania & Owner will host this keynote session.

The Golden Age of Testing
Jenny believes that we are entering into the golden age of testing and test automation. We have more tools and frameworks than ever before. In this keynote, Jenny Bramble, Director of Engineering, Papa will talk about what it means to be in a golden age and how we can take full advantage of our position. We’ll look at what comes next and how we can keep ourselves in a golden age as long as possible though innovation, sharing or ideas, and keeping our community strong.

Changing our test automation strategy, because …
Over the years we have learned a lot and had several moments where we changed our strategy for various reasons. In this keynote Paul Derckx, Head of MR R&D System Integration & Verification, Philips, wants to take you along our test automation journey, share the challenges we faced, our learnings and the most recent change in our test automation strategy.

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