Complex system landscapes contain large amounts of data spread over several applications. The challenge for testers and developers is often to find suitable data for the test, although the databases and their structures are not known. Learn how to get an overview of the entities of your business data and their attributes. By knowing how the data is distributed, you can elaborate the best suited data for your test execution. Get the knowledge how to extract and apply the data to any test environment, either a static environment or dynamic test environments, that just exist during CI/CD runs of the application. The presentation will layout how to set up a data provision process for test data, that can automatically transport individual business cases by usage of a simple web form or can be triggered through a web service from any test automation process. Of course, when using real data, we will take a look on how to mask this data appropriate towards GDPR or HIPAA requirements. On the other hand, the presentation shows insight on how to use extensive modification used in the masking process to use it as a test data generation tooling. Finally, when using test base data in test automation, we need a mechanism to reset the test data after a test have changed the data. We will see how to get reusable test data and how it can accelerate your test automation.

Christoph Stock, Manager Product Development, UBS Hainer GmbH will host the session “Boost your tests with the right test base data ” that will take place on Thursday May 30.

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