As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life – Heraclitan, Ancient Greek philosopher. But why do some of us handle it better than others? In addition, what does it have to do with testing? Well, it’s not change that’s the problem, but the uncertainty that change causes, and what do we use to handle uncertainty in software teams? Testing.

In this talk, Jitesh Gosai, Principal Tester BBC, Product Group, iPlayer & Sounds would like to walk us through what uncertainty is, how it relates to change, and how having this understanding can help us better work with change rather than try to ignore, deny, distort or stop it from happening.

From there, we see why building software is complex and can lead to uncertainty. Then in our attempt to reduce this uncertainty, we use testing, but not always in the most effective way that lowers uncertainty but makes us feel that it does. To finish, what we can do to work through uncertainty and complexity by using other approaches alongside testing to accomplish both.

Jitesh Gosai will host the Keynote Session “The uncertainty of change” that will take place on Thursday May 25.

Jitesh Gosai has 20 years of experience, working with various companies enabling them to build, test and release at scale. He is currently a Principal Tester at the BBC in the iPlayer & Sounds department, working with Mobile, TV and Web teams.  His core aim is to create a Quality Culture by helping teams build quality into their products. In his free time, he likes to speak about his experiences at conferences all over Europe and blogs regularly at and tweets @jitgo.

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