A golden age is a moment in time where a specified art, skill, or activity has reached a pinnacle.  Practitioners find themselves with more tools and ways of creation than ever before.  There are great advancements and new things are learned or discovered every day. Jenny believes that we are entering into the golden age of testing and test automation.  We have more tools and frameworks than ever before.  We’re finding new ways to engage with our testing every day.  We are more respected as a discipline than ever before.  So what’s next? In this keynote, Jenny will talk about what it means to be in a golden age and how we can take full advantage of our position. We’ll look at what comes next and how we can keep ourselves in a golden age as long as possible though innovation, sharing or ideas, and keeping our community strong.

Jenny Bramble, Director of Engineering, Papa will host the keynote session “The Golden Age of Testing” that will take place on Thursday May 30.

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