In this presentation, we will guide you through the performance test process of a specific program and how we have done this through the years. We are facing the limits of current possibilities in the field of (test) automation, infrastructure, etc. We will take you along the ride on how we were able to break through those barriers. One of our first challenges was to simulate a scenario as we expected in production called a full-load test. (Outline the number within ODV Burger = 36661 virtual users). We tried using extrapolation which, unfortunately, did not lead to success. We were able to overcome this barrier by developing a load generation suite that has the capability of rolling out a load generation environment “on-demand” from scratch that matches the needed volume of the workload. We will show you this in a live demonstration.
We will guide you through the possibilities and limitations which we encountered on the way in this approach. Currently we are overcoming this barrier by porting this concept of to an on-demand rollout of a load generation environment by leveraging the container platform OpenShift.

In this session we want to share with the participants:

  • What are our best practices? (What steps have we taken and what have we learned from them, what works and what doesn’t anymore?)
  • What is the impact of automatic analysis on results (false positives)?
  • What is the impact from moving from a single test to a (daily) regression test, what demands does that place on your environment, what boundaries do you have to guard there?
  • What will change if we move from ‘dedicated hardware’ to ‘cloud platforms’?

What will our next barrier be?

Barry Geerdink, Senior Performance Test Consultant and Daniel van Bavel, Performance consultant at Belastingdienst will host the session C3 “The edges of Performance testing through the years” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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