During the plenairy debate we will be discussing several topics. Please add to the conversation by reacting or replying to the polls on the Test Automation Days Twitter account. Follow @testautomationd and react with your own tweets using #TADNLDEBATE. All polls are now open!


These are the statements which will be discussed:

Statement 1

The fallibility of new technology such as artificial intelligence and block chain technology is that it is still made by humans. What role can testing and test automation fulfill to cover the human imperfection?

Statement 2

Low code software is getting more and more popular, what will be the impact of low code development on test automation?

Statement 3

The complexity of the IT landscape (everything is connected to each other) means that test automation will be facing major challenges. What are the future challenges for test automation specialists?

Statement 4

There is (or was) a tendency to have development teams without testers on board. The interesting question is, which test will have the best test automation approach, a team without specific test knowledge on board or the teams with specific test knowledge on board?

Statement 5

Test tooling: in testing you see a difference between scripted and non-scripted test tools, how do you think will the future look like: will these kinds of approaches converge or diverge?