Love Test Automation, it rocks. But is every TA project a successful TA project? Is every TA framework a piece of art? Is Test Automation always a happy flow scenario? No. Every successful test automation effort has had its problems and challenges, big or small. Of course, we learn from our success, but dare I say it, we learn even more from our failures and the problems we had to overcome. These solved problems are a big part of the road to success. During this presentation Michel Lalmohamed will address those challenges and problems and how I tackled them in the last 10 years. We can look at test automation as a cycle which keeps repeating itself:

  1. Write or update a test which you are going automate
  2. Write test automation code or update the test automation code
  3. Review the newly added test automation code
  4. Deploy the test.

Share the results If one of those steps in the cycle goes wrong, and they will, we can get stuck in a loop. During my presentation I will tackle several issues I encountered for each step of the cycle and what I did to fix them. I will present the entire cycle at first, so the audience gets the big picture. But instead of starting at step 1 I will take a brief look at the last step in the cycle. I will discuss the topic of consistent red builds / failed tests. Those failed results are ignored by the entire dev team if they are consistent false negatives. If the results are no longer valued by the dev team, then automation will lose all its value. Anybody who has done anything with test automation can relate to this phenomenon: Consistent failed tests can kill all the test automation momentum. But the answer for these failed tests can lie in any of the 4 steps. Getting the build green will stay the main focus throughout each discussed step in the cycle.

Michel is a Senior Mobile Automation Specialist at Valori and will host this session on September 23, as one of the break-out presentations. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

Live conference: to meet responsibly and safely
Your health is important to us! With the current guidelines it is possible to host a physical conference this year with 1,5 social distance. We will follow all the guidelines set by the Dutch Government and the RIVM, and take appropriate measures to ensure all of our guests’ safety. Below you can find more details about the corona protocol for Test Automation Days. More information.

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About Test Automation Days
Test Automation Days is a unique two day conference focused on test automation. In 2020 we will celebrate our 10th anniversary on September 22 & 23 in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands.The first day will be focused on opportunities for the attendees to learn by doing! A tutorial/workshop day full of half-day workshops, where tools, technologies and innovative practices flourish! The workshops will give novice, medium-experienced and advanced test automation engineers the opportunity to gain and share their experiences.
The second day will be more focusing on exchanging ideas and tips through talks and presentations, including master classes of two hours for more hands-on experiences.