The Netherlands is a very small country, but a very great player when it comes to greenhouses. What can we learn from them to achieve the same with test automation? How can visualizing automated tests bring you closer to sustainable test automation and build confidence in quality assurance?

The greenhouse metaphor will be the thread of this journey, running through two client cases, where the visualization of test automation is applied to achieve different goals. It continues with the concept of extracting test results, storing them in a database and making them accessible in a dashboard. Then a deep dive in the implementation of this concept using test automation tooling TestCafé and JUnit, Influx database and Grafana visualization software. The story concludes with both feet on the ground and many lessons learned.

Anaïs van Asselt, Test Automation Engineer at deTesters and will host the session C1 “Greenhouse of Test Automation: Visualize QA using InfluxDB and Grafana” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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