Last few years Gherkin/cucumber gained popularity for driving test automation. A lot of projects are having difficulties writing proper Gherkin syntax, which results in lots of discussion amongst teams. A few common topics of discussion are:

  • A scenario should have only one Given – When – Then step
  • Examples should be descriptive instead of specific test data

While the aim of using Gherkin/cucumber is to enable Business Driven Development (BDD), the business is often not involved in writing feature files. So do businesses really want BDD? Besides the concerns mentioned above cucumber also has other drawbacks.

  • The use of cucumber breaks Object Oriented Programming, for example resulting in:
    o Sharing data between steps
    o Difficult keeping an overview on the available step definitions
  • Having another layer of code to maintain

During the presentation I will give specific examples and possible solutions, which will be beneficial for business stakeholders and automation engineers. The thing that makes my talk special is that I have a lot of experience working in all the layers of testing from test engineering to management and automation.

Patrick Schilder, Senior DevOps Test specialist, Valori will host the breakout session “GIVEN I use Cucumber, WHEN I want to stop using, THEN there are other ways” that will take place on Thursday May 30.

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