As a long term Webdriver user across multiple languages and frameworks, Appium is a familiar and understandable framework for writing automated tests for mobile apps;  I would usually prefer to use it for automating mobile apps due to this familiarity.

However, I recently joined a company where Detox was already being used for their React Native mobile apps. I set out to understand how this ‘grey box’ framework differed from Appium, and how best to use it.

I also had some questions, including, importantly – is being a grey box framework that much better for reliability? What other benefits does it bring? But also, can it support creating framework related outputs like test reports and screenshots? And is there an equivalent to the Appium desktop for inspecting the application?

Join me as I share how I learnt to use Detox, answering these questions and more, to help create maintainable, scalable test automation for our React Native mobile apps.

Hugh McCamphill, Lead Automation Engineer at Glofox will host the session C2 “Getting on the wagon: A journey from Appium to Detox” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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