Failure can be catastrophic and speed to market is a critical business advantage, putting development teams under more pressure than ever to get software from concept to customer in as short a time frame as possible.Speed is a key factor, and to have speed you need an understanding of the impact of any change. You need to know how high performing teams achieve the seemingly impossible task of delivering valuable software while increasing speed and frequency – without compromising quality.

Teams need to adopt a relentless focus on Testability, eliminating anything that makes testing difficult, slow, wasteful or less trustworthy. A whole team focus on Testability shortens feedback loops and accelerates learning while enabling more robust automation, as well as deep, meaningful testing.

In this workshop, you’ll work with core concepts and models used to explain and advocate for Testability. Participants will work through a series of exercises that I have used through my career from Tester to Test Coach. The exercises will help to identify and address testing debt as well as establish a whole team focus on Testability.

This workshop is aimed at anyone involved in software delivery but would be most beneficial for developers and testers.

After the workshop you will:

  • Understand and explain Testability, the factors that influence Testability and the impact testing debt has on a teams productivity.
  • Identify and address architectural Testability problems using a combination of models and practical exercises.
  • Identify and address holistic, whole team Testability problems using a combination of models and practical exercises.

Robert Meaney, Director of Engineering at Glofox will host the masterclass “Exploring Testability” on Wednesday June 15. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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