The domain of test automation is part of a constantly evolving landscape and is something we are all aware of. As we gear up for Test Automation Days 2024, we’re intrigued by how to navigate in this dynamic environment. Now, more than ever we should ask ourselves a series of questions: How is AI shaping our approach? How can we effectively manage the multitude of available tools? And what about the escalating complexity of IT systems due to the pervasive influence of digitalization in our daily activities?

We invite you to share your tales of triumphs and failures, along with intriguing case studies of how you applied Test Automation in all kinds of (different) ways. Besides presentations, we are also looking for interesting workshops that equip attendees from all over the world that yearly visits the Test Automation Days in the Netherlands with the skills and knowledge to confront these Test Automation challenges head-on. Help us reframe Test Automation to remain current and pertinent in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. Your contributions will play a crucial role in keeping us relevant in this ever-changing world.

If you are interested in giving a presentation, please fill out the form on our website to send your submission to the Review Committee. The Review Committee will, in cooperation with the Program Committee, review the cases on content and the link with the conference theme. We are looking for half-day masterclasses (3-hours) on day one and 40-minute presentations and workshops during the second day. Please mark your calendar for attending the conference on May 29 & 30. We expect submitters to be available during the whole conference. Submitters will receive a notification of acceptance no later than February 16.

For all the information regarding the Call for Cases and the criteria, please visit the ‘Call for Cases’ page on our website.