The majority of test automation positions often focus on creating and maintaining automated testscripts, often bundled in a regressiontest. There is often still a “develop first, test after” mentality. But what if we test automation experts stand up, and instead of validating with automated tests after a feature is built, we bring the automation to the team to support development and testing? We need to rethink how we apply test automation in the broadest sense,  in order to improve the quality of the SUT. We need to expand test automation to automation in testing.

Automation in testing is a mindset and namespace, initiated by Richard Bradshaw. It’s focus lies on testability, test support, problem solving and education on automation.

In this presentation Ingmar will tell about his vision on automation in testing, and how he applied it within a WMS domain.

Ingmar Goudt, Senior Test Automation Consultant at Capgemini will host the session D4 “Automation in Testing – Towards a paradigm shift” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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