Slowly we are moving into the electrification of transport and commute. Electric cars, bikes and even motors are no longer a rarity. In the public transportation domain busses are added to the list of electrified vehicles.

An electric bus is a complex system containing many interacting sub-systems (e.g.: batteries, motor, charger, etcetera). How do you verify the correct working of a vehicle and subsystems while there are many vehicle configurations possible?

During this presentation we will take you on a journey to the automated verification approach of the different subsystems used in an electric public transport bus developed by VDL ETS. What was our approach? Which tools were used? How were the tools used? How was everything connected together? What are the next steps (Digital Twin)? Challenges and lessons learned on:

  • Test tooling: widely used test tools vs. proprietary tools
  • Testability: blackbox HW of third-party suppliers
  • Test process: difference between application testing vs. automotive testing

Arash Abtahi, Test Automation Engineer at VDL ETS and Jeroen van de Burgt, Technical Consultant at ALTEN will host the session E3 “Automated HIL (Hardware in the loop) testing on electric public transport vehicles” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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