LIVE Webinar, April 21 10.30 – 11.00

Yesterday’s insights driving today’s actions

Testing has changed in recent years, but has it really? Instead of long test cycles (by hand) in the past, we now see short, largely automated cycles. Automation is indispensable to be and remain informed about the quality of the software we provide. Despite all these changes, we are losing sight of what green testing means. We (almost) always perform all tests. The test manager who made a selection from the long list of regression scripts is a memory from a bygone era. As a result, testing still becomes a bottleneck in the delivery process. We want to get to production in 10 minutes, but the automated regression test takes 4.5 hours. In this presentation we share our vision on this status quo. As a test discipline, how can we participate in the race to true continuous delivery without sacrificing quality? Do we always have to do all the tests?

Take aways:
– Always running all your automatic tests eventually becomes problematic (and does not necessarily provide more insight)
– Machine Learning in testing can be used more effectively for recognizing screen elements
– Be critical of your test set. Measure the added value of each test and say goodbye to tests that add nothing!

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Tom Heintzberger, Director/CTO at

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