Test automation, based on a solid strategy, keeps the company agile and guarantees quality. By automating repetitive bulk tests, human testers get more room to increase the quality even more. Even though processes run faster, companies shouldn’t have the illusion that they are saving money per se. Rather, they will get more value for their money.

The test automation can be seen as a virtual workforce, that enables the human testers to use their time for tasks that need to be done manually. The strategy and technology of test automation are comparable to that of Robotic Process Automation: automating processes with the help of robots. “For complex test chains it is advisable to choose a vendor that supports test automation as well as RPA. The combination of RPA and test automation is useful, for example, when you’re testing a complex digital transformation, if you want to track your customers from a front-end to legacy systems, so you can validate the entire chain.” acoording to Sjoerd van der Maaden, general director at Specialisterren.

The role of test specialist is still needed in the future, even if usage of RPA and AI will grow even more. The role might change, but you will always need a human tester for your test process.

Read the full article “Test automation makes a company agile” with René van Veldhuijzen, Business Unit Manager and Enterprise Automation Specialist at Squerist and Sjoerd van der Maaden, general director at Specialisterren via Rocking Robots.

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SAP implementations are usually complex, undergo constant change and are not always easy to integrate with other services. For SAP users they often come with large volumes of manual, repetitive work.
UiPath technology can provide answers to these challenges. Advanced RPA technology lets you deploy automation across your SAP and non-SAP systems while best-of-breed testing capabilities allow optimizing your critical end-to-end business processes.
This webinar will be hosted by:
  • Lev Kushnir, Director of Product Management, UiPath
  • Robert Thullner, Presales Technical Consultant, UiPath
  • Abdoul Fabré, Manager Finance Service Technology Consulting, PwC
  • Ard Kramer, Senior Consultant at OrangeCrest and Program Chair of Test Automation Days
They will tell you all about:
  • How an automated, centrally managed approach supports continuous testing of your SAP business processes, robots and SAP S/4HANA migration
  • How to execute tests faster using a unified testing environment that’s efficient, easy to use, and shareable across your organization
  • How the UiPath low-code technology enables test development and simple deployment
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