Fast, stable and very reliable. The trademarks for testing on the integration layer. Join Michel Lalmohamed on his journey to discover the wonderful world of API testing. What best practices of automated UI testing can also be applied when testing the API and what new ones will pop up. We will do a deep dive into the automated test code. From authentication to assertions. We will also focus on the current slate of popular automated testing tools. Cypress, PlayWright, Newman to name a few and their API testing capabilities. And to top it all off, a glimpse into the future. Can AI surpass all these tools and play a vital role in API testing? Will it speed up the entire process of writing our code? Can AI increase the coverage with positive or negative scenario’s we didn’t think of. Let’s find out together!

Michel Lalmohamed, Test Automation Advocate, Valori will host this session during Test Automation Days on Thursday May 25. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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