At Test Automation Days, we would like to give attendees the opportunity to play with tools and gain more hands-on experience! For that reason, we are looking for tool challenges for day 2 (September 23): e.g. an advanced problem to solve or just a first encounter with a new tool. We are looking for ideas: to have hands-on exercises, challenges or any other ideas on a specific tool that you want to share and support our attendees on their journey in our Test Lab. This can be any kind of tool, not only for automated testing We will also consider tools for performance testing, continuous delivery, security testing, cloud-related, etc. All tools are welcome: both open source and commercial tools. We are not looking for a tutorial. It will be a part of Test Lab, where we will run a few parallel tools challenges. Attendees can come and go, try out one or more tools. It will look more like an expo, than a workshop. Instead of demos and talking, the focus will be on the hands-on experience for the attendee. Each speaker(s) will cover one tool.

Your idea should be a challenge that can be solved within a limited time e.g. within 45 minutes (or shorter). We just ask you to prepare a limited amount of challenges for one day (somewhat between 1 and 5). You also need to be available for coaching and answering questions during the sessions.

Be aware, we are not looking for demo’s or commercial pitches, we are looking for proposals that attendees can have their hands on the keyboard and benefit from.

Are you interested? Make sure to submit your ideas before Wednesday February 26 2020

Visit our Tool Challenge page for more information and to submit your ideas.