Simple, fast, cheap and good, that’s the philosophy of a low-code platform. You can build your application by applying standard blocks and widgets. This standardization makes the life of a developer simple. It makes building an application fast. Which results in an application that is relatively cheap. And the proven quality of the standard blocks result in an application of good quality.

As long as you stick to the low-code library of building blocks, those promises can be met. But most companies request or demand more than just the standard building blocks: they require customization of their application. Customization, however, introduces risks: an extra layer of custom-made code involves new interfaces, introduction of code risks, deviation from the standard quality and extra test challenges. Your low-code application with added functionality can still be built in a simple, fast and cheap way, but how can you guarantee that it still has the quality that was promised?

And there are more risks: low-code applications can be built by citizen developers, but they tend to concentrate on functionality, and underestimate non-functional aspects. And standard low-code platforms incorporate standard test automation tooling, but does a citizen tester have the overview of the test coverage?
To meet up with the ‘simple, fast, cheap and good’ promises of the low-code platform, your test automation must also be simple, fast, cheap and good. But test automation in itself is not enough; it can only work if if is applied in the right way, and supervised by a quality consultant, to keep focus on test approach, non-functional aspects and test coverage.

Marjolein Pordon, Thoughtleader Low-Code at Squerist will host the session A4 “Quality assurance in low-code – Good? or Good!” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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