Migration is a business decision, as almost everything that QA team does. In E-commerce, styling is important, it’s UI heavy and often has 3rd party dependencies, A/B testing, content dependent system, many settings, multi-language, multi country, desktop + mobile + tablet, all major browsers.

As a team of four Test Automation Engineers, we inherited an E2E framework, written on C#, with BDD, SpecFlow and Selenium. That time we supported four product teams working on websites Tommy.com and CalvinKlein.com. Driven by an urgent need to extend the coverage of regression scenarios, framework from a POC became big. After two rounds of refactoring, we had around XX steps covered about 1500 scenarios in total. It was stable, it was massive, it was working, and we all learned C# to some degree and almost used to it.

Driven by business needs and growing number of product teams, we started looking into feature of the framework and found technical limitations regarding SpecFlow and C# and we are not able to fulfill the business needs and requirements. After a consideration we chose new tech stack with WebdriverIO, Cucumber, TypeScript. But how we are going to migrate everything?

Our main concerns needed to be addressed were:

1.         How we going to align between ourselves so we can avoid big merge conflicts;
2.         How to make tasks relatively independent so nobody (almost) is stuck waiting for others;
3.         How to manage business expectations regarding disruption of the established release cycle;
4.         Growing backlog

After 3 months migration was completed with no destruction to the business and release cycles, we see it worth the efforts. We migrated all scenarios, plus our own Browser Lab (modification of Selenium Grid) to the AWS.

Next steps includes decoupling the main framework and extracting some services, like connection to DB and common services that might be reused by other teams within the company.

Tatyana Velikanova, Test Automation Engineer at PVH Corporation and Evgeny Evsyukhin, Software Development Engineer in Test at Miro will host the session B2 “Framework migration / short survival guide how to plan, execute and have fun” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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