Imagine having an application under test where documentation is sparse, people with information can’t be reached, or you’re otherwise left to ask yourself ‘but how does it actually work’? In this Masterclass you will overcome all these worries and find solutions to explore your application, create targeted API tests and automate them. So at the end of this hands-on Masterclass every participant has made their own automated API-test.

To accomplish this we first start to explore a GUI that is connected to the API. Because we believe that learning should always be fun, the GUI isn’t just a boring webform, it’s a digital escape room! At the start of the workshop the participants will explore the GUI by trying to escape from the escape room. After that it’s time for the real work. Search for the API requests made by the application and automate them.

During this Masterclass we will support each participant on their own level. As a result the class is suitable for testers with beginner or intermediate level experience with API testing and/or test-automation who wish to improve these skills.

David Groen, Daïra den Heijer, Jurian Jilderda, Reinder Riedstra and Jarsto van Santen at DUO will host the masterclass A2 “Explore the API, Learn targeted testing, Automate and Enjoy!” on Wednesday June 15. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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