Millions of people accept cookies from innumerable websites on a daily basis. Due to those cookies, we can trace a great amount of data from our customers which provides us tons of information and insights. For example, it shows us exactly what kind of customer we are facing. We see its behavior, the journey and know which product the customer likes.

With that, many companies say they are a data-driven company. Which means they make their decisions based on this data. Valuable insights are used for strategic planning, (online) marketing, campaigns, re-directs, search engine traffic et cetera.

Since a large amount of people are depended on this data, it is of great importance that the data they are using is correct. What if vendors, analysts or the business are unaware of the untrustworthiness of their data? This could lead to a greater likelihood of poor decisions and then will have, or already has, impact on the revenue.

The question is: how reliable is the data you are using? There might be a lot of data incorrect, missing or used in different formatting. To gain insights into the status of your data layer it is necessary to start testing. Data layer testing provides information of the quality of the data layer which gives the business the confidence to rely on trustworthy data.

Hear about how we got the data quality up to a level where we can make real data driven decisions. Where we started, which challenges we faced and which steps we took through-out the process. The progress we made in the data quality only leads us to want to extend our data layer testing even further.

Are you aware of the quality of the data layer and do you want to start data layer testing? Hear all about how to test complex data validations with test automation.

Elise Bijl, QA Test Automation, IT Consultant at Qquest will host the session B3 “Data layer testing: because you want to make decisions based on reliable data” on Thursday June 16. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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