Autonomous Testing is rapidly becoming a trendy new word in test automation, but what does the term mean? The definition has important implications in ascertaining whether we are, or it is possible, to be close to autonomous testing or not. The most basic definition could be “an autonomous system needs to be able to make decisions for itself.” This requires data. Lots of data. This brings us to an interesting question: from where do we get this data? Production, and that has its own problems. In this talk, James Bent, VP Solutions Engineering, will look at what we mean by “autonomous” and what is currently possible with the available technology and data, and try to discover the point at which humans still need to make decisions in test automation.

James Bent, VP Solutions Engineering, will host the session D3 “Autonomous Testing: A myth in the making or the key to getting ship done?” on Thursday May 25. Interested to see more of the program? Visit the program page!

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